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Our story began in 2002 when we got married. When we started our life together, we didn't know the heartache we would face as we experienced infertility, miscarriages, PCOS, and Cushing's Syndrome.

We started this community to help other women who may suffer similar issues that infertility may cause. We want to find a way to open a dialogue that's not commonly talked about among women. A community where all women can come together to find a common goal within each other no matter what stage of life.

We want to provide a place for JOY and a bit of HAPPY. This is the reason why we started Beloved Womb.

In 2020 we found out we were pregnant through natural conception, timing, and a "Femara" pill, prescribed by our OBGYN. Our miracle finally happened, and we were able to welcome Grayson into the world on March 5, 2021.

We are hoping to add to our family. We don't know where our journey will lead us. It could be through a natural pregnancy again or possibly through adoption. We want to share our story to help spark HOPE. Beloved Womb is born to share what brings us JOY, and comfort as we continue through our journey. We hope it inspires that in yours as well.

Thanks for being here, and we look forward to getting to know you!


Shari Butler | Warrior and Founder


Shari Butler is the woman behind Beloved Womb. She is a four times miscarriage survivor, PCOS, and Cushing's Syndrome warrior. She started making Binding Babies in 2016, which helped pull her out of grief and sadness from the loss of her miscarriages. She has lost over 100 lbs and has made a choice to continue on her health journey. Her regimen included going to the gym for HIGH Fit, TRX, and strength training. Since the pandemic, she works out at home doing strength training.

Since becoming a mother to Grayson, she has loved the opportunity to help teach and guide their son through all his firsts. She can't wait to add another child to the mix.

She knows it takes hard work to overcome challenges, to make a daily choice to find gratitude, and create a positive mindset. It's not easy, but she is here to help others along their journey.

She is excited to see how Beloved Womb grows in hopes that she can help start the conversation for others to open up with those who may not completely understand infertility. She wants this to be a place for all women in all different stages of life. It is not just a place for women with infertility. She hopes that her message can help others to find hope in their journey.

So hang in there, because Shari said it's going to be a fun ride! Shari thanks you for any purchase that you make, it will go towards her fund in building Dan and Shari's "miracle" family.

Our goal is to raise money for a scholarship fund for those who struggle with infertility.



Dan is the best husband that Shari could ask for. He supports her in all her endeavors and is willing to try and do anything to achieve their dream. He is known as the Mr. Fix it! Infertility is something he can't fix, but he's always willing to try to make their family's dream come true.

Dan comes from a large family. He is the youngest of nine. We know this has been a struggle for him as well. He always dreamt of a large family himself. Infertility is not only a struggle for women. It is a struggle for their partner too.

Since becoming a father to Grayson, he has loved the opportunity to help teach and guide their son through all his firsts. He can't wait to add another child to the mix.

He hopes that this can be a place for everyone to find a bit of happiness and help along their journey. He wants to thank you for your support!

Dan Butler | aka Mr. Fix It!
Dan, Shari and Grayson Butler


Meet the Butler Family! It took 18 years to finally hold their son Grayson. Baby Gray is six months old in this family portrait. Time has flown by since he has arrived.

He has been keeping his parents on their toes since he has arrived.

His parents cannot imagine life without him, and love the JOY he brings into their household. They don't take for granted the blessing they have been given. They make sure Grayson is loved, is happy, and is safe in their home.

His laughter is contagious, he is fun to tickle, and he already likes to tease his mama. Everywhere they go, he makes strangers smile. You can tell he is a blessing and has a joyful spirit about him.

He wants you to know to not give up on that miracle, you are wanting. He wants you to keep trying and wherever that journey leads you. That journey is meant for you.

Don't give up! Keep the faith, and pray for that miracle every day. The journey was not easy for his parents. They had times where faith faltered, and they came close to throwing in the towel. Just think if they had. They wouldn't have this baby boy to hold, lead, or guide through life.

MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN! Everyone has a different journey that works out differently in the end. What will your's be?