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"Be grateful, slow down, enjoy life..." Take it all one day at a time and enjoy the journey. Finding a cozy spot to relax with a splash of floral to your wardrobe with these printed socks.

We all need a comfort to get us through the hard and good times. The socks are blended with the highest grade cotton combined with an eccentric bold pattern will make this pair a show stopper in your sock drawer.

Who can resist black and cream bottoms reminding us that we are a seeking comfort through "Hygge." Go ahead! Find your calm, find our peace, and find your happy place. Here's permission to take a nap!

These socks will provide you with ultimate style and comfort. Each pair of socks is made with high quality woven cotton that feels soft and luxurious. They have extra padding in the toes and heels to make your feet feel extra happy!

Sweet Floral on Feet.

Materials Used
58% combed cotton
22% nylon
16% polyester
4% spandex