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Be Kind... Each Journey Is Different

WRITTEN BY Shari Butler

Yesterday as I was going through pictures I saw an experience that I had the last year from being a new mother.

I was watching an Instagram story where a girl was talking about how tired and stressed she was from going through infertility treatments for a few months. I remember watching the story and kinda rolling my eyes thinking to myself… Oh, girl, you think your experience is tough and you’re tired of going through it now? Just wait until years and years keep going by without a kid in your arms. Then you’ll see just how tired and stressed you can be when each year passes by.

Then later that week a similar experience happened, except this time, it was to me. I was chatting with a friend telling her that I was tired of going through all the treatments and a little bit stressed 🤪, as I was saying it another fellow infertility friend interjected (with no ill intent meant): “Oh you think it’s tough now? You just wait until that first baby is born from successful pregnancy, then your second then your third if you are lucky. Then you’ll know how I feel”. It was said in a joking manner, but it still affected me.

Shari With Grayson
How often do we discount what someone else is going through because we feel that we have it “harder”?

Guess what?
Before I had Grayson I had days, MANY DAYS, where I was tired, sad, and stressed too when I didn’t get pregnant. …and to that mom of three, I guarantee she had hard days when she tried to get pregnant with that one child and was pregnant with her second. The list goes on and on and on.

Yes, life changes, and yes some times are tougher than other women experiencing infertility heartbreak. Some experience shorter times, and some have longer times for their baby bump to come. But, it doesn’t mean that what you are experiencing isn’t real or hard at that moment, REGARDLESS of what someone else is going through.

So how about this ...🤍
Rather than discount each other’s journey, let’s empathize.
Rather than tear down each other’s wait, let’s buoy up.
Rather than hate those who get pregnant, let’s congratulate.
Let’s be positive.
Let’s be kind.
Let’s cheer each other on.
Let’s support and pray for each other. 🙏 🙌🏻 🙏



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