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WRITTEN BY Shari Butler

Finding out we were pregnant in our 18th year of marriage, and during the year of covid-19, was the news we needed in 2020. Was I nervous? Yes! Was I excited? More like jumping up and down with excitement! Yet at the same time, I was hesitant about what to feel!


We found out on July 24th, and we had to wait until the following Monday to go take a blood test to confirm that we indeed were pregnant. Even after getting the results, I ended up taking over 22 pregnancy tests to confirm each time that I was pregnant. Plus, seeing the line get darker and darker over time made it feel more real. I just couldn't believe it was happening.

Shari and Dan Pregnant

Each appointment I held my breath. Each appointment I sighed with relief that our little boy was growing inside of me.

I had to dig deep and find the JOY in my pregnancy versus having the doubt.


Doctor Appointments

1. BREATHE! Take a moment and breathe. Your body is doing something amazing! It's giving life to a new little human.

2. VISUALIZE! Put in your mind that you will hold this baby of yours. Dream of that day that you can smell their skin, hold their tiny fingers and toes. As you listen to the heartbeat, visualize how they are growing in the womb.

3. DON'T BE AFRAID. Don't fear bonding with your baby now. You have more of a connection with him or her as they are growing inside of you. They know your smell, they hear your heartbeat, they hear your voice. You get to feel their every movement.

4. LISTEN AND FEEL. Lay down, place your hand on your baby bump. and wait to feel the movements inside of you. When you do this, you are connecting more with that little human, Even checking in how you feel at that moment, and writing down what you are feeling. Place it on paper and reflect. The next step, share with your partner. Let them understand how you are feeling, and let them do the same thing.

5. SHARE AND BOND WITH YOUR PARTNER. With step four, let your partner do the same thing, let them share how they are feeling. Are they scared as well? If you share and connect, you can help each other with your insecurities. Or just sharing what you feel in the moment brings you closer together.

6. HAVE FAITH AND MEDITATE. Pray to God or the higher power you believe in. Get that extra comfort to help build you. Change your mindset, and listen to your higher self. It can help you see clarity In your pregnancy.

Gratitude In Pregnancy Printable

7. WRITE DOWN GRATITUDE. Write down what you are grateful for each day in your pregnancy. Start by writing three to five things you felt were the highlight of the day/week, or what you learned in your prenatal visits.

8. RELAX. Take some time each day to relax. Find what relaxes you and make it a priority each day. Trust me you will want to take a nap or two. You have earned it so DO IT!

9. GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO ENJOY. It may be hard to celebrate this pregnancy if you have experienced losses through miscarriages. I am going to tell you, you will not forget those losses. They will forever be with you. Do not feel guilty that this finally worked. Enjoy each flutter, each movement, each ultrasound, and each step your body takes in pregnancy. A miracle is happening, and you need to enjoy it. It goes by so fast! If you don't enjoy the process, you will miss out on what JOY you may feel.

Prenatal Class

Prepare your heart for any outcome that may happen in pregnancy. Be open towards your labor and delivery. It may not always go as planned. Have your bags packed, meals in the freezer, and prepare your heart to explode with LOVE


    I hope this will help you try to focus on the joy of a rainbow pregnancy. It isn't easy, but it's worth it. You will feel all the feels, and that is okay! Love what your womb is doing right now! You are growing a miracle, and if you are not yet...

    it will happen one way or another.

    Want a way to remember these 10 steps? Go ahead and click the image down below to download a printable for you to hang on your fridge, bathroom mirror, or by your nightstand so you can remember to enjoy what you are growing inside!

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      Thank you for sharing your story, and the wait you had for your miracle.

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