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WRITTEN BY Shari Butler

Five Days Before We Knew

I wanted to go more in-depth on how we found out we were pregnant, and why we were shocked. The month before we got pregnant our OBGYN, Bryant Johnson, told us that we may have to go to an infertility clinic again. I was deflated after the last IUI didn't work. I asked him to give me one more month by watching over me and let's see what we can do.

I came home to tell Dan. I was dejected and discouraged thinking will this ever work for us. I prayed for some answers, and while I was doing my research I came across an article about women with PCOS. Did you know women with PCOS can either ovulate a few days earlier in your cycle or later in your cycle than what your tracker predicts? I don't feel we ever really targeted the right ovulation with all my infertility treatments. Even with trigger booster shots, it doesn't always work on every woman.


I went ahead and ordered some easy home tests to test for my ovulation since the other ones I tried didn't work for me. I finally started to see the results of my LH, and using my Flo app was giving me a delay of when my true ovulation was starting. My cycles are never 28 days. My cycles vary between 30 and 34 days. My LH was showing a few days earlier. I told Dan that we needed to try on a certain day. We still used Femara for a boost between 3 to 7 days to help with my eggs due to my age, and having PCOS. I opted not to do an IUI and wanted to try only with my husband. Both sides of my ovaries were doing well, and we were more optimistic that this time it could work.

A few days before we tested I told Dan I felt different. I was feeling a little nauseated, my breasts were tender, I was super emotional, and a felt this stabbing feeling on the side of my left ovary. It didn't feel like normal PMS symptoms. I decided to test on July 24th, and I saw the double lines. I did have a Clear Blue pregnancy test that said the word pregnant or not pregnant. So I tested again, and my eyes started to mist up. It read PREGNANT! I immediately started screaming Dan, Dan, Dan. He thought that a spider was up on the wall or something. Yet he remembered and hoped it was a good sign of pregnancy. 


He ran upstairs and I showed him as I jumped up and down. He hugged me so I would stop jumping up and down to get me calm. I couldn't help it I was too excited. I hurried and called my doctor's office then remember it's a holiday for Utah so of course they are closed. We had to keep this a secret and wait till MONDAY to get a blood test. We had to wait till MONDAY! We found out way early in the pregnancy, it was only one day before I would be expecting a period. I just had to BREATHE!

Day We Found Out

On Monday we hurried to get a pregnancy test at the Tanner Clinic blood lab. We had to hurry back since my brother was picking me up to go get my mom to take her up to my sisters for a week. All the way there I had to keep this secret from my family. One I hadn't got the results yet and two we wanted to make sure I was officially pregnant. On the way there we got my mom's health tests back that she is diagnosed with Alzheimer's. My sister-in-law texted us the results, and I read the tests while sitting in the back seat. Again.. super emotional here I had to keep it together.

We went to lunch at this dive in the middle of nowhere. It smelled so bad, and I was feeling quite nauseated. Thank heavens we had to wear masks unless we were eating. And the food. Not so good! To do the transition to my sister's car we went over to a park so we could load my mom's stuff in, and take a picture with my siblings. My phone rang. I knew the number, so I told them I will be back and walked up the sidewalk from anyone to hear.

Memories Of Finding Out
The nurse said," We are excited to tell you, you are PREGNANT!, Your numbers are high, and we will repeat the test in a few days. Congratulations!" Of course, I am smiling, tearing up, and had to pull it together. I called Dan and told him it's official we will see you when I get home. I went back, we took some pictures and off we went.

I talked with my brother on the way home, and couldn't tell him. He asked me to drive, and it helped me stay focused on not spilling the beans.  I couldn't wait to get home to Dan and celebrate with him. To begin dreaming about our baby nursery and all the things! Even though it was early it felt so different this time. Felt like it was going to work! Finally, our miracle is happening!

Here are a few things I did to help us get pregnant:

Tips for Women with PCOS Who Wants to get Pregnant

1. I took Femara between days 3-7. (Prescribed by my doctor.)  It did make moody with sensitive feelings. I was on a higher dose.

2. Checked my temperature first thing in the morning to follow along that way, tracked inside my app.

3. Used the free version of the Flo App to help track my cycle and symptoms.

4. I would do a finger check to see if it was egg white consistency. Once I figured out my ovulation time.

5. I used the Easy Home Ovulation tests to track my LH Surge.

6. Went to my OBGYN to help check the progress of my cycle by doing ultrasounds to check the progress of the egg growth.

7. Did blood labs at day 21 to see if I had an ovulation surge incase my tests gave me a false or inaccurate result.

8. Tried to narrow down if I ovulate early in my cycle or ovulate late from what the app stated. I ovulated early. Then had sex during the high peak time.

9. Ate healthy and exercised to prepare my body for pregnancy.

10. Tried to relax during the 2 week wait and BREATHE.

11. I would avoid googling, and would wear comfort socks to help my uterus stay warm!

12. Stayed connected with my spouse. Shared my feelings of the what if's, and tried to stay busy while we waited for the answer.

Download the printable we created for you.

With PCOS it can get tricky with not feeling certain feelings, especially after four miscarriages with unexplained infertility. We are hoping this can help someone who's looking for answers. If you have any questions feel free to comment down below. Or if you experienced a wait due to PCOS or Infertility go ahead and share with us. We can all learn from each other!



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