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Mother's Day is For All Women and Here's Why

WRITTEN BY Shari Butler

This Mother's Day has helped me to take a deeper look into Motherhood, and in being a woman. Mother's Day is set aside to honor those who have become mothers by having children. For 18 years I always felt stress, grief, or alienation from those who had the opportunity to embrace their children, and state their motherhood with loving arms. I don't want to forget those years of empty arms. I don't want to alienate others the way I felt for so many years

Mother's Day is For All Women and Here's Why

Every woman is a mother with a child, or not. We are born with those instincts to nuture, care, serve, and love on anyone we come in contact with. We are born to be caretakers in so many ways. All women should be honored on this special day.

Let's try to be aware of those who may be struggling for the desire to get pregnant, or to adopt. There are women who had to make a choice to stop trying, because it got difficult to continue on the infertility journey with failed attempts. Some women never got the chance to have a child from circumstances of not getting married, being widowed or marriage ending in divorce.

By changing our focus not only on Mothers, we should celebrate the many incredible roles all women out there have. Women who have mothered, guided, supported, and loved children that they didn't give birth to. Don't forget those furry creatures they are most definitely included!

Yes family can be made up with DNA, and sometimes you become family with those you don't share DNA with you. It's about how you come together, and how you treat each other. There are other women that become mother figures in your life at different times. A best friend that becomes more like a sister, or others who mentor you from the day you met. They become a treasure in your life, just as you may or may not treasure the woman who gave birth to you.

If you don't feel like celebrating then focus on YOU! If you decide not to have kids, then celebrate that choice. Have you decided to adopt on your own? By all means celebrate and move forward. Are you and your partner parents to healthy children? Take time to celebrate each one. Recently divorced and labeled as a single mother? Embrace that you are a warrior, and you are doing the best you can! Are you a mother who is raising children with special needs? Take today and embrace your love you give and receive for their special souls! Are you struggling with infertility? Celebrate your unyielding passion to become a mother, and know in your heart that it will happen. Celebrate the warrior inside of you. And if you lost a child, celebrate, mourn, and remember the unbreakable bond you will always share. Love is always there to remember, and feeling of remembrance even in the darkest situations.

Let us each take a moment to turn this holiday into a happy time for each woman. Each of us have the power to turn this day into a joyous occasion by letting every lady in your life know how amazing and loved they are. Give yourself some credit, and embrace the stage you are in. Motherhood is hard. Being a woman is hard. We all deserve to be honored. Honor where ever you are at, and have a beautiful Mother's Day. 

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    Beautifully said! Not having children has been difficult and a struggle through the years. But your comments about different forms of family is so wonderful. Those who wish for children but don’t have their own, keep your heart open to those around you. You will never know how your nurturing, loving kindness will help those who need you. This Mother’s Day I was blessed with numerous moments of love from those whom I tucked under my wing. As the years go by, you will know that you are still a Mother, just not the kind you expected. Celebrate those moments and realize that you may have been the angel that person needed in their life. And all mother’s are angels!

    POSTED BY Tamara | May 08, 2022
  • Comment author

    This is beautiful, Shari! I couldn’t agree more! 🙌

    POSTED BY Heather | May 08, 2022
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